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Personal Carbon Credits

As noted above, the “average” American has a carbon footprint of 20 tonnes of carbon per year, and the lowest, most green, individual carbon footprint achievable in the US is 8.5 tonnes per person per year (both figures according to an MIT study).Offsetting (a portion of) your carbon footprint can be achieved by “being green”, and by purchasing Carbon Credits.

Carbon Credits can be purchased in any quantity to offset your “normal” carbon footprint, or the “extraordinary” carbon footprint resulting from a vacation flight or other “extraordinary” use. How many should you buy? – You can make an estimate, based on the comments above, and what “feels right”. If you wish to offset the small residual carbon footprint of a stove (or stoves) you’ve bought through the Himalayan Stove Project, it’s 2 Tonnes per stove per year. There are many “calculators” on the Internet that you can use – one place to start is the various calculators offered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) –

Business Carbon Credits

Many businesses today strive to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. The first step is, of course, “Thinking Green” and “Acting Green”, to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

The next step is to examine the business carefully to see where reductions can be made, and/or buying carbon credits to offset part or all of the carbon footprint.

To find out how much this might be, you can go to this US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) link as a starting point

You can also e-mail us at [email protected] and we can start a conversation and provide you with resources, or help you do the calculations for your business.

Buy Credits

Our Gold Standard Carbon Credits can be purchased in any quantity HERE – remember, everything above the $4.00 per credit that goes to Envirofit helps support the Himalayan Stove Project.


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